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Hydration Tips from Health Professionals

Many Americans don’t realize that what they drink is an important part of their total dietary pattern. In fact, the most recent national nutrition surveillance data reveal that about 20 percent of our daily calories — and nearly half of all added sugars — come from beverages.1

For the first time, the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans focus not only on what to eat, but also on what to drink for overall health and the prevention of chronic diseases.1 This new attention on beverage choices is likely a focus of your client communications, too.

To help, we’ve developed informative, simple-to-use resources in easily downloadable formats for use with your clients. Our materials are written by registered dietitians, supported by rigorous science, and support your needs as you seek to provide guidance and information on better beverage choices.

These materials were developed with the needs of the general population in mind; individual clients’ medical histories should always be considered before offering dietary guidance as recommendations may vary.

1U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture. 2015 – 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 8th Edition. December 2015. Available at

Browse our resource list below:

Kids Snacks

20 NUTRITIONIST-APPROVED SNACKS YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE: Helpful handout highlighting dietitian-recommended snack solutions to help kids refuel with nutrient-rich choices, plus healthful beverage suggestions that reinforce the importance of better beverage choices.

Water Tracker

WATER TRACKER + HOW SWEET IS YOUR SIP? Our beverage tracker helps your clients tally how many glasses of water they drink each day and reminds them that their beverage choices matter, too, detailing the calorie load and added sugars in commonly-consumed beverages.

Fluid Requirements

ASSESSING FLUID REQUIREMENTS.A handy reference sheet for health professionals with evidence-based tools to help you assess fluid status and make appropriate fluid recommendations.

Sparkling Water Bar

DIY SPARKLING WATER BAR + DEMO. Help your clients turn any occasion into a celebration — and promote healthy hydration habits — with a Do-It-Yourself sparkling water bar! Includes step-by-step notes for an in-person demonstration.

Marathon Hydration Tips

MARATHON HYDRATION TIPS. A certified sports dietitian, avid runner and triathlete shares her tried-and-true hydration advice for marathon runners.

Seasonal Hydration Announcements

SEASONAL HYDRATION ANNOUNCEMENTS Looking for ready-made hydration tips for your next newsletter or in-store radio announcement? From summer to back-to-school to holiday, we have hydration covered.

Seasonal Hydration Handouts

SEASONAL HYDRATION HANDOUTS.Four single-sheet handouts that are perfect for distribution at health fairs, clinics, or client counseling sessions, covering a variety of seasonal and evergreen nutrition topics.