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How to Drink More Water Throughout the Day



Let’s face it – life is busy. Between frenzied morning routines, working through lunch, and hectic after-school schedules, sometimes you forget to make sure you’re drinking water during the day. It’s OK – adding healthy hydration habits to your daily routine is easy as 1-2-3! Follow our simple tips to help you stay hydrated.

How to Drink More Water


Wake up and drink up!

What to Do: Drink a glass of water immediately before or after you brush your teeth to kick-start your day with a hydration boost. 
Why? Linking habits together is a great way to build healthy routines. You’ll be more likely to remember to drink a glass of water when you mentally connect it to an already established habit. 

Water breaks!

What to Do: Remind yourself to take water breaks throughout the day with an alarm set on your phone, slotted into your calendar, or through a water tracking app.
Why? Creating habits doesn’t just magically happen. You need to remind yourself to take action in order to set healthier activities – like drinking more water – into your daily routine.

Lunch and learn

What to Do: Grab a water – still or sparkling – with your lunch and an extra serving of fruits or vegetables.
Why? Food accounts for roughly 20% of our daily hydration needs, with most of that coming from nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables. So, pack some water-rich produce along with that sandwich and you’ll be doing double duty toward your hydration daily goal. 

Dinner and beyond

What to Do: Trade in your dinnertime soda or after-hours cocktail for a glass of water with a twist. Jazz up your favorite water — still or sparkling — with the addition of sliced fruit, fresh mint, or cucumber for added flavor.
Why? Too much alcohol or caffeine at this hour may interfere with sleep. Adding fresh ingredients to plain water lets you customize to your liking and is a tasty, ever-changing alternative to sugary beverages or a traditional nightcap. 

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