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Be the Reason Others Drink Water: The Role Model In You

Be a Role Model

Drinking water is an important healthy habit to instill early on in life with the hope it will be continued throughout adulthood. Parents, caregivers, family members, and friends have an important opportunity to model health behaviors, as children pay close attention to the actions of those around them. Studies have shown children engage in healthier behaviors when they have a positive role model demonstrating such behaviors. Conversely, children who have people they look up to that engage in negative health behaviors, often follow suit. Even teachers can have positive effects on children’s health behaviors, including beverage choices. A study showed that students of teachers who drank water, instead of a sugar sweetened beverage, in front of their classes, were significantly more likely to report drinking water during their school day.

It’s just as important for adults to have positive role models1. Whether celebrities on social media, your co-worker next to you, or a family member, seeing others you respect and admire engaging in healthy behaviors makes adults more apt to want to follow suit. Think of someone in your life who engages in positive health behaviors. Who are you a role model for? Are there behaviors you can change to improve your own wellbeing while also influencing others? For example, making the simple change to drink more water daily. This can result in reduced sugar and calorie intake and can help improve your hydration status all while encouraging others to do the same!