Ginnie Springs Florida Op-Ed in the Orlando Sentinel from Nestlé Waters North America

Nestlé is committed to state's healthy springs and waterways

Op-Ed by George Ring, Natural Resources Manager, NWNA
As seen in the Orlando Sentinel, August 29, 2019

Like many Floridians, our commitment to maintaining the health and long-term sustainability of Florida's waterways is a top priority.

Spring water is a rapidly renewable resource when managed correctly, and Nestlé Waters North America is committed to the highest level of sustainable spring water management at all of the springs we manage - in Florida and across the country.

Some have asked what we are doing to help ensure the long-term sustainability and health of Ginnie Springs. Here are some examples of how we implement a robust sustainability management process at that spring:

  • Installing a series of monitoring wells to measure water level and the water quality of the site. We installed this system since beginning our work with Seven Springs - which holds the water-use permit - just six months ago. As we learn more about the site, depending on what the science tells us, we will enhance the monitoring program.
  • Working closely with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD) and county government, all organizations that have been tasked by the state to maintain the sustainability of springs in Florida.
  • Deploying a natural resource manager and a team of water resource professionals who focus on helping to ensure the sustainability of the spring. These experts monitor and maintain ongoing records.


By way of context, according to a United States Geological Survey (USGS) monitoring system that measures water flow near the Ginnie Springs site, the maximum amount of water withdrawals allowed by the permit held by Seven Springs (approximately 1.2 million gallons a day) represents less than one-half of 1% of the average flow of the Santa Fe River at that USGS site.

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