Where Does Bottled Water Really Come From?

As drinking water contamination cases increase, more people are turning to bottled water. But where does it come from, and how is bottled water treated before reaching the consumers' hands? 

Coverage By: WWMT News Channel 3, West Michigan

Bottles of spring water almost always identify their source. Nestle’s Ice Mountain Spring water bottles list their source as Evart Spring in Evart Michigan or White Pine Spring, also in Evart. Absobure, Poland Spring, and other brands of spring water reveal the source right on the bottle.

Spring water is sometimes treated with minerals for purity depending on the brand.

Western Michigan University Professor Duane Hampton was recently invited by Nestle to tour its facilities in Stanwood, Mich. As a geohydrologist, Hampton has been studying water on earth for decades. He said he approved of Nestle’s production standards.

“The plant is very impressive, and their source protection is very impressive,” Hampton said. “I certainly came away with a lot of respect for Nestle's Ice Mountain Operation up there. They have source control, and a lot of hygienic practices for getting the water and sending them via underground pipes to the bottling plant."



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