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Protecting Maine’s Resources During Dry Times

Mark Dubois


We understand that the current drought conditions are a shared challenge for Maine residents and businesses. Over the past 175 years, Poland Spring has established a proven track record of operating within the safe yield of our spring sites. We have a long and positive history in Maine and that is due, in part, to responsible management for long-term stewardship of our current spring sites. This experience guides our current operations and we are committed to being stewards of each watershed we operate in.

When it comes to managing water resources, we take a scientific approach. We continuously collect and monitor data on factors like precipitation, aquifer water levels, and stream flows, to evaluate conditions and regularly adjust our operations to ensure our water withdrawals meet all permit conditions and are sustainable for the long term.

We diversify our withdrawals even under normal conditions. Our intentional planning gives us the ability to distribute water collection across our ten, geographically diverse, springs in Maine. This balancing of water collection allows us to help protect regional water resources, while also allowing us to meet much of the consumer demand for our products.

We take additional measures in areas with dry conditions, including:

  • Daily monitoring of short-term forecasts, using the National Weather Service and the USDA Drought Monitoring Indices.
  • Increased monitoring of flow rates at our springs.
  • Reducing or even stopping withdrawals from a spring source to help ensure we remain at environmentally acceptable levels.
  • Diversifying our withdrawals across our ten spring sites and shifting demand to sources not experiencing significant impact so that we remain within sustainable limits. We are sustainably sourced and within permit conditions at our ten spring sites.
  • Maintaining close communication with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, keeping them apprised of monitoring and response.

We are committed to collaborating with water users across the state to identify water conservation solutions that can benefit both communities and the environment, in the interest of the long-term environmental sustainability of Maine. This includes our partnership with the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). In the Fall of 2020, we activated our Memorandum of Understanding with MEMA. This means that, at MEMA's request and in keeping with our commitment to Maine communities, we provide bottled water to aid in disaster relief efforts; so far this month, we have provided two truckloads of water to address needs in Aroostook County.

In December 2020, Poland Spring’s three Maine factories achieved Platinum Certification under the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) International Water Stewardship Standard. The AWS Standard is the first, comprehensive, global standard for measuring responsible water stewardship across social, cultural, environmental and economic criteria. Poland Spring has the only AWS certified sites in the state of Maine.