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As Almost Half-Million Bottles Reach Haiti, Nestlé Waters North America Continues Work with Relief Agencies to Deliver Emergency Water

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As part of the global humanitarian aid effort to the earthquake crisis in Haiti, Nestlé Waters North America today provided an update on efforts to fulfill its pledge to donate $1 million in bottled water to ongoing relief efforts, to which the company has so far allocated 2.59 million bottles of its bottled water.

Last week, a massive shipment of the water arrived in Haiti via a United States Navy airlift — approximately 480,000 bottles consisting of fifteen truckloads of Poland Spring® and three truckloads of Zephyrhills®. In addition, two truckloads of Deer Park® are en route in cooperation with NOAH (National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians), and 31,000 half-liter bottles of Poland Spring were delivered to a Sub Sea Research cargo ship which departed Portland, Maine on a relief mission to Haiti on January 31.

The company has also leveraged its distribution infrastructure to rapidly deliver additional truckloads of bottled water for shipment to Haiti via staging points along the East Coast in cooperation with various partner agencies to ensure deployment as soon as logistics permit.

Nestlé Waters bottled water currently staged for distribution to Haiti includes:

  • 22 truckloads of Poland Spring delivered to the AmeriCares staging facility in Miami, FL
  • A number of additional truckloads (including Poland Spring and Nestlé® Pure Life®) delivered to Nestlé Waters’ warehouse in Florida for disaster relief effort deployment based on relief organization need

“Clean drinking water is desperately needed in Haiti and we’re grateful to have the support of Nestlé Waters,” said Curt Welling, president and CEO of AmeriCares, a nonprofit global health and disaster relief organization. “AmeriCares is proud to work with Nestlé Waters to deliver lifesaving drinking water to earthquake survivors. Our partnership will enable us to continue to provide water to the people of Haiti in the days, weeks and months ahead.

“Along with medical supplies, care and food, water remains a critical first-response need in Haiti. However, logistics in delivering large quantities remain a challenge,” said Kim Jeffery, president and CEO of Nestlé Waters North America. “Our operations and distribution system can quickly plug into the networks of various relief and government agencies, such as AmeriCares, that are gaining increasing access into Haiti to get clean, safe drinking water to those in critical need.”

In addition to bottled water, Nestlé Waters North America donated $5,000 to support an AmeriCares air lift of medical supplies to provide immediate aid to 500,000 people. Nestlé Waters will continue to provide updates on the status of emergency drinking water shipments to Haiti on its Web site,