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Nestlé Waters Commitment to Building an Inclusive and Diverse Culture

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A Message to Our Employees

Dear Nestlé Waters USA Associates,

This past week has brought even more turmoil and tragedy to our country. We’ve seen senseless acts of brutality and racism, the outpouring of sadness and anger from communities in pain through peaceful protests, and instances of violent rioting.

As the leaders of this organization, we want to be clear with where we stand on inclusivity and equality and empower you to do the same. Our company is built in part on the principle that the diversity of our people and inclusivity of our culture are the foundation of our strength. Our people make this organization great because of their differences. We only win when we accept, celebrate, and learn from each other. Discrimination in any form – overt and extreme or quiet and unconscious – will not be tolerated.

We must pull together as one Nestlé community. Check-in on each other. Ask for help or support if needed.  Take care of yourself so you can better care for others. Utilize the Employee Assistance Program, the Headspace app or other resources available to support your wellness during this trying time.

Remember that your personal safety continues to be our top priority. If, at any time, you find yourself in or near a public gathering that is turning destructive or violent, or if you perceive yourself to be in a high risk situation, we support all associates to “make the call”, remove themselves, and immediately notify your leader or HR Business Partner.

Through all of the change we are experiencing, our global Purpose which guides our Blueprint remains unchanged – to enhance the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future for all individuals and families. Today, and every day, we must be steadfast and committed. We stand together for each and for all.

Our people make our organization great. We honor diversity, in all its dimensions.

Vivek Bedi

Charlie Broll

Tara Carraro

Yumi Clevenger-Lee

Henrik Jelert

Tom Smith

Bill Trackim

David Tulauskas

Lisa Walker