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Statement: Deer Park​ Email and Internet Fraud Alert​

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Email and Internet Fraud Alert:  What You Should Know

The company that brings you Deer Park® Brand Natural Spring Water takes brand and consumer protection seriously. Recently, we have become aware of email and Internet scams using the Deer Park trademarks, brand names and logos fraudulently and contacting consumers requiring personal information with a promise of financial gain. Typically, these scams can be identified because the offer is too good to be true. Other signs that the message is part of a scam include: spelling and grammatical errors in the email, improper use of company trademarks and the sender’s use of free, non-corporate email accounts (such as Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL). These scams often come with a fraudulent check which consumers are instructed to cash and send a portion of the proceeds to the scammer.

we do not do business this way. we are in no way associated with these emails and internet scams and the deer park name and trademarks are being used fraudulently and without permission.

please do not reply to these text messages, emails or letters with any information. If you have already responded to one of these offers, we recommend that you immediately discontinue any communications, report the scam to the police and/or the federal authorities, and seek advice from them about protecting your personal information and identity. One recent example of a fraudulent offer is as follows:

Car Wrap Advertisement Scam:

Those promoting this offer lead consumers to believe that they will receive money if they place a Deer Park advertisement on their vehicle. Consumers are asked to submit personal information and then are sent a fraudulent check, as well as instructions about sending payment to a foreign country in order to arrange for the car wrap to be placed on the vehicle. please know that this type of advertising is not something we do and we never ask third parties to brand their private cars.

We are concerned that our company name and our brands are being used for fraudulent activities and we encourage consumers who have been contacted about an offer of this nature to contact their local law enforcement agency and/or local consumer protection bureau to report this information.

If you have any further questions or concerns about possible fraudulent activity related to Deer Park, please contact our toll-free number 1-800-288-8281. Thank you.