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Nestlé Waters North America's Response to the Netflix Documentary "Rotten"

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The episode on bottled water in season 2 of the Netflix series “Rotten” grossly mischaracterizes the bottled water industry and communicates misleading information about Nestlé Waters’ operations. It also disregards the company’s contributions to the communities where we operate and the benefits of bottled water to consumers.

Bottled water cannot, and will not, replace tap water – and we never expect it to. Bottled water does, however, play an important role in helping Americans stay hydrated and healthy at a time when more and more beverages are consumed away from home.

At Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA), it is our business and our passion to care for water, and we take it seriously. We recognize the significant responsibility we have as a bottled water company to operate responsibly and sustainably today, and well into the future. We operate under the principles of putting our communities first, being good water stewards, and promoting healthy hydration. We are proud to support our local communities in a variety of ways, including working alongside government agencies, regulators, and NGOs to protect the future of water. We invest in infrastructure, contribute money, water, and volunteer hours to local organizations, and provide water donations and disaster relief in times of emergency.

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