Our Response to Questions About Micro-plastics in Bottled Water

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Micro-plastics are everywhere, including in the air, in food and in water. Their presence is partly the result of plastic waste in the environment – one of the major sustainability challenges facing society. The latest scientific evidence from the World Health Organization does not show a risk to human health from micro-plastics, but there is a need for more research in this area. We welcome further efforts to better understand the possible effects.

Nestlé is testing for micro-plastics in our products. So far, this has not detected micro-plastics beyond trace level. It is not possible at this stage to determine exactly where such traces originate, however, we continue to work on this.

We have been joining forces with industry associations (EFBW and IBWA) to develop uniform standards for measuring levels of micro-plastics and continue to monitor the quality of our products.