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Public Policies We Support

Recycled Content Standards

BlueTriton Brands' current packaging commitments are focused on dramatically increasing our use of recycled content across our U.S. domestic product portfolio. Our resolve to lead the industry in the use of recycled plastic in our packaging has never been stronger and we remain committed to sustainable packaging practices.

In 2018, we announced a goal to use 25% recycled PET plastic (rPET) across our U.S. domestic portfolio by 2021 and 50% rPET by 2025, and we have steadily made progress toward that goal.

In December 2020, we reached 20% rPET use across our U.S. portfolio.

In July 2020, we announced that three of our regional spring water brands have started to offer bottles made of 100% recycled plastic, joining Poland Spring® 100% Natural Spring Water in offering bottles made with 100% rPET. Now, with the addition of Ice Mountain® 100% Natural Sping Water, all six regional spring water brands offer bottles made with 100% recycled plastic. We are also proud that we have three of the only major, nationally distributed bottled water offerings on the market made using 100% rPET – Pure Life® 700mL, Poland Spring® ORIGIN, and Pure Life® “DC Collection.

Our ability to expand our use of recycled plastic partially relies on existing bottles being recycled when empty. Unfortunately, right now, less than 30% of PET bottles in the U.S. are recycled.1 In addition, many recovered beverage containers are being down-cycled (made into products like carpets and textiles) instead of being made back into beverage containers. Recognizing these challenges in obtaining enough rPET to incorporate into more of our product packaging, BlueTriton Brands will continue to work collectively with industry, NGOs, governments and consumers to address critical issues related to infrastructure, collection, policy, consumer education, and development of end-markets for recycled materials.

As part of our efforts, we advocate for pragmatic and progressive policy, including minimum recycled content bills and the modernization of bottle deposit bills. We strongly support the increased use of recycled content and have demonstrated unparalleled industry leadership in its use. We also believe in laws and regulations that enhance the effective, efficient, fair, convenient and consistent return and redemption of beverage containers, with the end goal of more beverage containers being recycled.

Here are the policy positions we support.