Alternative Packaging Solutions

Exploring Alternative Materials

We’re exploring alternative packaging options and accelerating the development of innovative packaging solutions.

In September 2020, Poland Spring announced a collaboration with the University of Maine and its Forest Bioproducts Research Institute to evaluate and develop bio-based solutions that could serve as alternative packaging for Poland Spring products. As part of the collaboration, the University of Maine will explore new possible uses of materials derived from sustainably harvested Maine wood, an effort that has the potential to advance the circular economy by contributing to the total utilization of this renewable resource.

In December 2020, we invested in Timeplast, a Florida-based startup that is researching solutions for one of the critical aspects of the global plastic waste challenge – plastic that isn’t properly recycled and ends up in landfills, oceans and waterways. Timeplast is exploring a new technology that may help to minimize the impact of plastic that leaks into the environment.

Innovative Delivery Systems

Our ReadyRefresh® direct-to-consumer beverage delivery service provides convenient access to still and sparkling water brands, coffee and tea products, and water dispenser and filtration services.

Currently, the ReadyRefresh 3- and 5-gallon containers are returned, washed and refilled approximately 25-30 times before they are recycled.

Beyond the Bottle

We’re thinking beyond the bottle to find new technologies and delivery systems that help us minimize environmental impact, including innovative dispensing systems based on refillable bottles, offering a further building block to contribute to a waste-free future.