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Packaging Collective Actions

Nestlé Waters North America is proud to work with nonprofits, corporations, academic institutions, and our communities on actions to help address environmental and sustainability concerns. We have created programs and formed partnerships and alliances to remove waste, provide environmental stewardship, and encourage recycling.




To educate consumers on how to recycle packaging correctly, Nestlé Waters North America joined the How2Recycle® program and began adding clear and consistent How2Recyle instructions to the labels on all our major U.S. bottled water brands; the first beverage manufacturer in North America to do this. 

The instruction label can be found on thousands of products on shelves today, telling consumers how to recycle each component of a package, and how they may need to prepare the material for recycling (such as replacing caps on plastic bottles).

The How2Recycle® program boasts more than 500 brands and represents more than $295 billion in sales revenue in North America. This coalition educates and encourages consumers to recycle more and contributes to a more resilient recycling system.

How to Recycle  




 We also work with Keep America Beautiful on recycling projects and cleanups around the country.

Additionally, Nestlé Waters North America has invested USD 6 million in the Closed Loop Fund, a USD 100 million social impact investment fund that finances recycling infrastructure projects and community recycling programs across the U.S.

The Closed Loop Fund has diverted more than 100,000 tons of recyclable content, and the 11 projects currently funded are poised to divert 4 million tons by 2025. In that same timeframe, the fund aims to:

  • Eliminate more than 40 million tons of greenhouse gas
  • Divert more than 20 million tons of landfill waste
  • Provide USD 40 million to municipalities
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