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Water Stewardship


Water is at the very core of sustainable development because we must ensure the systems that store, filter and transport clean water are protected and preserved to meet the needs of future generations. But this is not simply about tomorrow. Even today, Americans have real and valid concerns about the state of our water. In a national study (pdf, 1Mb) conducted in June 2017, we found that 61% believe water problems in the United States are a crisis or major issue.

As a company who, at its core, cares about water, we are committed to being a leader in water stewardship. This means we are committed to water management that is environmentally sustainable, helps ensure the well being of people and contributes to long-term prosperity for local communities.

To do this, we are committed to the following:

  • Catalyze Collective Action – We will continue working to identify the shared challenges in the watersheds in which we operate and develop collective actions to help solve these local water challenges.
  • Certify to the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard – As a founding member of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), we will continue to certify our facilities to the AWS Standard and seek to inspire others to adopt the Standard to help advance the principles and practices of water stewardship and responsible water resource management.