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America's Perspective on Water

As one of the nation’s leading bottled water companies, we have a special responsibility not only to operate sustainably, but also to contribute to finding solutions for our country’s collective water issues.

That’s why, over the past two years, we commissioned two individual studies on “Perspective on America's Water” to gather the opinions of U.S. consumers and experts in the field to understand how Americans feel about water-related topics.

The insights from these studies are one tool we use to help inform our own decision-making and community investment and help us stay connected to the concerns of our communities.

The studies also serve as an important reminder that water is a shared resource and we all have a role in protecting it. We hope these findings help build awareness and help spark constructive conversations about water and water infrastructure that can lead to collective action.

We encourage you to explore these findings, join the conversation and understand your role in contributing to solutions that will help determine our shared water future.

2018 Key State Findings