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Water Collective Actions


Throughout our history, we have partnered with nonprofits, corporations, academic institutions, community groups, and other organizations to build relationships across North America that help educate people about the importance of water and how to preserve, protect and sustain our shared natural resources; as well as to engage communities in water stewardship. Our efforts include:

  • Engaging communities in water restoration efforts
  • Identifying the most effective methods to reduce aquatic trash
  • Sharing best practices for future water restoration efforts

We’re proud to be a part of many important projects.

For example, we team with The Nature Conservancy, one of America’s leading ecological organizations, to help restore the American River (Sacramento’s primary drinking water source). Forest watershed restoration and research are key to reducing the risk of wildfire and to safeguarding the quality and potentially the quantity of fresh water. Covering more than 10,000 acres in the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, the project thins overgrown forests to reduce wildfire risk.

Other places where our collective actions are making an impact on water include:

  • California
    In Riverside County, California, we work with Inland Empire Waterkeeper on its Crest to Coast project. The project aims to repair the Santa Ana River Watershed by systematically removing waste from the waterway, educating the community about sustainable water management, and addressing the sources of pollution.
  • California Water Action Collaborative
    In 2016, we joined a collaborative effort to support critical projects designed to protect California’s water future. Together, 20 groups form the California Water Action Collaborative. With the understanding that water is a shared resource – one that communities, industry, government, and agriculture all rely on to ensure our shared prosperity – the coalition was formed to uncover new, creative ways to work together, take actions that benefit the entire state, and serve as a model for collective action that can be replicated in other regions.
  • Florida
    We're proud to be the leading sponsor and partner of the Crystal Springs Foundation since its start as a nonprofit organization in 2004. This world-class living laboratory and sanctuary provides quality environmental education programs to guide students toward responsible, environmentally conscious decisions. The Foundation enables more than 50,000 students a year to visit Crystal Springs Preserve and participate in hands-on lessons about springs ecology at a sprawling 530-acre sanctuary, which offers butterfly gardens, miles of trails, kayaking, and other activities. Teaching kids and Florida residents how essential water is as a natural resource is more vital now than ever," says Karen Pate, vice president of Crystal Springs Preserve. "We are thrilled to have educated over one million people and look forward to working with the next million in the years to come. We are so grateful to Zephyrhills Brand and our supporters for helping make this happen.
  • Hillsborough River Partnership
    We are actively identifying sources of pollution around the Hillsborough River in Florida, developing solutions to reduce pollution, and engaging the community in water stewardship at more than 70 restoration areas across the Hillsborough River Watershed. We’re partnering with the University of Florida, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make the Hillsborough River a trash-free waterway.