Spring Water Sources

BlueTriton Brands’ spring water products are only sourced from springs. Spring sources are a critical part of our business and we take every step to manage them responsibly and sustainably. BlueTriton Brands invests resources in the maintenance and monitoring of the 42 spring sources on which we rely in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, we conserve more than 20,000 acres of watershed area, to help safeguard local ecosystems and protect the quality and integrity of the spring sources that they recharge. 

We base our water collections on what the spring and surrounding watershed can provide within its natural sustainable limits. Ensuring sustainable withdrawal entails relying on an environmental and hydrogeological monitoring program, data collection, and scientific analysis of that data led by a team of our skilled Natural Resource Managers. These professionally trained engineers, geologists, and hydrogeologists rigorously monitor a variety of environmental elements including water levels, water flows, and water withdrawal.

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