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Donating Water - From One Neighborhood Hero to Another

In May 2020 ReadyRefresh donated more than 275,000 bottles of water across the country to thousands of nurses, doctors, firefighters, and others working in essential services.
Ready Refresh Shared Value

In May 2020, ReadyRefresh® launched a Shared Value community support initiative for essential workers. In response to COVID-19, this initiative – conceived by associates – aimed at lifting up and lending support to the communities where we live and operate. And the impact was extremely well-received! It began as a two-week initiative, and ReadyRefresh extended it due to its overwhelming success.

Over a four-week period, our ReadyRefresh Service Representatives across the country donated more than 275,000 bottles of water to more than 10,600 nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, baristas, delivery persons, mail carriers and many others along their routes working in essential services. While a small expression of our gratitude, these donations went a long way – bringing a sense of pride to our representatives and happiness to our customers whom these representatives have come to know well.

During the pandemic, our ReadyRefresh Service Representatives – deemed Neighborhood Heroes by their customers – have been proud to continue bringing healthy hydration to all of our customers, including the many other Neighborhood Heroes providing essential services.

Beyond providing essential products to our consumers, we remain steadfast in our commitment to give back to the communities where we operate. In times of crisis, such as this, we recognize we have a particularly critical role to play. Find more information about how we are:

•    Helping to protect the health and safety of our people, customers and the communities where we operate.
•    Providing support to the communities where we operate during this crisis.