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Honey Business Thrives

Caring for the Environment and Supporting Female Entrepreneurs
4G Honey Team

Back in 2018, a bee problem at our Ozarka bottling facility’s loading docks in Texas inspired a unique partnership with the local Hawkins High School.This partnership and shared focus on protecting the bees led to the launch of a honey business – 4G – by four enterprising high school girls.

4G Honey

In November 2019, we presented a $10,000 grant to the Hawkins High School Agricultural Program to further support its apiary program and its supply needs, after previously providing a home for the bees and funds for supplies.

The 4G team used the funds to purchase equipment that enabled the girls to design and build custom hives more efficiently. Since early 2020, the girls have built 24 more bee boxes for a total of 30, and 4G honey production has tripled.

The 4G honey team has expanded sales with ETSY selling and shipping online. Several local Wood County retailers and a restaurant in Hawkins also sell 4G honey to their customers. And each month, the 4G girls set up a booth at a local farmers’ market that typically sells out during the first hour.

For their incredible work, the 4G team was featured on NBC’s TODAY Show and earned recognition from the Texas Department of Agriculture. In fact, State Agriculture Deputy Commissioner Walt Roberts visited the high school and presented awards to the 4G team on behalf of the State of Texas.

Watch this video to learn more about the 4G honey team.