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How Military Experience Translates to Success in the Office

 Military to Civilian Work Experience | Nestlé Waters NA

Across Nestlé, we find military service experience very valuable in our workforce. We recognize the unique skillset of our veterans and active military members, and understand that they come from a culture built on accomplishing a mission through teamwork and collaboration.

For this reason, we are proud to partner with the Student Veterans of America through Nestlé’s Project Opportunity. Project Opportunity is an initiative led by Nestlé in the US. It is intended to address unemployment gaps through skill-building and training, with a primary focus on supporting military and military spouses.

Through our collaboration with the Student Veterans of America organization, we help provide employment and internship opportunities to the military community.

Two interns, Jack and Michael, share their experience working at Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) and how they translated their military experience to the office.

Jack – Army R.O.T.C.

What military program are you involved with?

I am a contracted Cadet in the Army R.O.T.C. program at Boston College. In this program, I participate in weekly physical, tactical, and leadership training in order to prepare for my commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army upon my college graduation in May of 2020.

What did your internship entail at NWNA?

Last summer, at NWNA, I worked in the Human Resources department as an Intern on the Diversity & Inclusion team. I focused on recruiting efforts for early career opportunities at Nestle Waters, as well as enhancing the outreach to military veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce. Some projects I worked on include the coordinating of NWNA’s attendance of college career fairs in the Fall of 2018, and the creation of a career packet designed specifically for Veterans through a partnership with the Student Veterans of America.

What skills have you translated from your military training into the office? 

Life as an R.O.T.C. Cadet requires effective time management, as a typical day consists of numerous tasks and responsibilities ranging from my military physical training sessions and leadership meetings, to my typical college classes and hours in the library. I have translated this time management ability to the office as each working day also holds a unique range of tasks and responsibilities, including a variety of meetings, different project due-outs, information sessions, and more.

Why would you encourage other members of military programs to apply here?

NWNA provides a fantastic opportunity to experience the corporate world in a uniquely well-rounded program. This internship program truly aims to give the full business experience, as it offers a plethora of information sessions from a variety of departments, public speaking training sessions, trips to different facilities, personalized projects, and more. As a Cadet, this summer internship offers a great opportunity to develop skills and attain knowledge that can be utilized to form your initial foundation of the business world and enhance your ability to transition into the corporate world after your service. It is a great stepping stone into the corporate world, and a fun and beneficial experience from a typical summer with ROTC training. 


Michael – National Guard 

What military program are you involved with? 

I am in the Illinois National Guard.  Currently, I have two military occupations, one being a Combat Engineer; and the other being a Horizontal Engineer. The role of combat engineers are to create defenses for our forces, and use explosives and mechanical methods to destroy enemy fortifications. We are often attached to infantry units to help support combat operations.  Horizontal Engineers’ main tasks include things like clearing area in preparation for construction operations, as well as creating the base for road operations. 

What does your internship entail at NWNA?

At NWNA I am currently an intern the National Supply Chain Team.  My project is to analyze the opportunity to implement a mixing center/factory warehouse to optimize the supply chain network, and reduce inventory levels of slow turning products.

What skills have you translated from your training into the office? 

Leadership experience is something that many new employees may not already have, but coming from a military background where you are presented with many opportunities to lead under stress presents members with unique experiences that are very valuable to businesses.  Professionalism is also another key characteristic in business.  Military members are always taught to perform all actions with the highest level of professionalism.  Finally, integrity is an invaluable characteristic that military members possess.  Doing the right thing in every situation is always one of our top priorities, and at NWNA, that integrity value lines up in the same manner. 

What skills will you take from the office back to your program?

I have been able to further develop my professional skills in a different environment.  Being able to interact with high-level executives, and other members of the team, is a different experience than interacting with high ranking members of the military.  While some of the procedures are the same, I have picked up some valuable communication and presentation skills that will help me further create improved presentations as well as conducting myself at an even higher level with this experience.