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Thirst for Innovation

A fresh solution for delivering on-the-go hydration and reducing packaging waste
Thirst for Innovation
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In 2017, retired NWNA associate, Pamela Fischer, teamed up with the Poland Spring® brand team to launch the Hydration Station as an innovative solution for water on-the-go and reducing packaging waste.
Pamela near Hydration Station

"For many years, I had the pleasure of representing NWNA by organizing water donations and handing out Poland Spring water at cycling and footrace events,” explained Pamela. “During a partnership meeting between Poland Spring and BikeMaine in 2014, I was part of a group that brainstormed some wild ideas for a solution to the packaging waste dilemma. After retiring, I was able to devote the time to making the Hydration Station a reality and bring the concept full circle by launching it at BikeMaine 2017.”

The Hydration Station was unveiled at the 2017 BikeMaine event, where Poland Spring served as BikeMaine’s primary sustainability sponsor. Wrapped in Maine-themed artwork, the 16-foot Hydration Station now brings water to race participants and spectators throughout the state of Maine and in the Northeast.

Hydration StationIt allows community members to fill up their reusable bottles with complimentary Poland Spring water, providing hydration in an eco-friendly and convenient way while helping reduce on-site packaging waste. Designed around a system that utilizes Poland Spring water in five-gallon refillable jugs, the trailer operates on wheels and can easily be transported to multiple points along race routes.

Hydration Station Event “The reaction has been all positive,” said Pamela. “People are drawn to the clever artwork on the Hydration Station, making it a natural gathering spot. They tell me how much they love the Poland Spring brand and are truly grateful for the conscious effort we are making to reduce packaging waste at events.”

Thirst for More

Word about the Poland Spring Hydration Station has spread and many organizations have expressed an interest in having it be a part of their events.

So far for 2018, the Hydration Station has plans to be at the Boston Marathon expo in April, the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May, the Maine Womens ride in June, as well as other various sports and community events throughout the Northeast. Stay tuned for a detailed schedule coming soon!