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Our Purpose. Our Stories.

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Welcome to Our Stories. Here we will demonstrate how Nestlé’s purpose - enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future - guides everything that we do at Nestlé Waters North America. 

Nestlé has operated for more than 150 years with a focus on caring for the health of Individuals & Families, Communities, and Planet.

We believe to fulfill our purpose is both a privilege and a responsibility. Below you will learn more about what that means to us.

We hope you will visit this site often and let us know what you think.

Individuals & Families

Safe, clean water – from the tap, filtered or bottled – is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. We’re proud of the role our products play in helping people choose water, especially when they’re on the go. In this section of our website, you will learn more about our hydration station truck in Maine that delivers Poland Spring water to people at events so that they can hydrate while they are on-the-go. 

We also understand that while each of us strives to make healthy choices for ourselves, many of us are also responsible for making healthy decisions for our families. For example, not enough American children choose water first for thirst: a 2017 study from the Center for Disease Control reported that between 2011-2014, 6 in 10 American kids drank at least one sugar-sweetened beverage on a given day, while 30 percent of kids consumed two or more.*

Studies show that swapping one sugary-beverage for water reduces caloric intake and the risk of obesity and other health conditions.


Nestlé Waters North America is made up of more than 8,500 people who work in approximately 140 communities. Last year alone, our associates volunteered more than 23,000 hours across the United States.

We are committed to helping the communities where we live and work thrive and become more resilient. To do this, we operate with a Community First approach, which means we want to be mindful of the needs of our communities and work to make a positive difference. To be transparent about what we do, we have recently published our new Siting Framework that shares our approach to operating in communities. 

We believe that access to safe, clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. We also realize that tragic events can affect a community’s access to clean water. That is why, in times of need, we are privileged to be able to provide relief. We drive trucks to deliver supplies, hand out water and/or donate needed resources to our disaster relief partners. We try to do what is right and good for communities – not just in times of disaster – but every day.


Water is our business and caring for it is of critical importance to us. The success of our business depends on our ability to access spring water sites, which means we have a vested interest in the sustainability of those water resources and the environment that surrounds them.

We know people have concerns about our environmental footprint and, in particular, plastic. We have been working to reduce our environmental impact by introducing lighter bottles into the market while increasing recycling efforts and the use of rPET in our packaging. You can click here to read more about our Nestlé Pure Life bottle that is made up of 100% rPET. Across our product portfolio, we are deeply committed to long-term sustainability. We have a commitment to achieve 100 percent renewable energy and are working to get there.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us. We hope you will contact us and let us know what you think.



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