Encouraging Families to Choose Water

Teaming up with WWE to help get children excited about drinking water
WWE Stars Choose Water
We're teaming up this summer to help parents and caregivers encourage and excite children to choose water.

As a mom, I know that getting children excited to drink water isn’t always easy. That’s one reason why I’m thrilled about our new “Choose Water” campaign. WWE Superstars are role models to children across the United States and they put smiles on kids’ faces across the country.

Our work with WWE is one way we’re supporting parents and caregivers on their journey to raise healthier kids. Obesity—and childhood obesity in particular—is a major crisis. Addressing intake of sugar sweetened beverages early on is key, given the connection between their consumption and overweight/obesity. Public health experts from around the nation continue to highlight water as an excellent choice in place of sugary drinks and one of the best options to quench a child’s thirst. Studies show that replacing sugary drinks with non-caloric beverages like water can reduce BMI and weight in children.

Choosing water—whether tap, bottled or filtered—can be a simple first step toward healthier habits, but it can be challenging, especially for children. Our hope is that this campaign helps parents and caregivers encourage and excite children to choose water when they see their favorite WWE Superstars drinking water and hear how staying hydrated helps these Superstars succeed in the arena. WWE’s commitment to family-friendly entertainment and their Superstars’ commitment to health and wellness make it the perfect match for us to reach children and get them excited about drinking water.