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Emma Robbins

Emma Robbins
DigDeep Navajo Water Project

In times of disaster, the need for clean water is often greatest. Did you know that more than two million Americans have no running water? That number includes over 30 percent of residents of the Navajo Nation, which spans the corners of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. This situation has made the Navajo Nation’s approximately 173,000 residents especially susceptible to the rapid spread of COVID-19. 

One person who is no stranger to this public health crisis is Emma Robbins, the director of DigDeep’s Navajo Water Project. She is working to address these critical needs now and, in the future, because DigDeep believes that every person everywhere should enjoy their human right to water.

Based in Los Angeles, DigDeep is a human rights nonprofit that installs clean, running water inside homes. While the pandemic only recently brought this crisis to the public’s attention, the lack of access to clean water and indoor plumbing is a problem that exists in the Navajo Nation every day. Since April 2020, DigDeep has distributed 262,000 gallons of bottled water and helped 300 Navajo families get hot and cold running water. 

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