Creating Shared Value


Creating Shared Value is a staple of our company. We believe that benefiting the communities and environment around us will also benefit us. Nestlé’s position in society brings both opportunities and responsibilities. We do business in compliance with national laws, international standards and our own values and principles, as expressed in our Code of Business Conduct, Corporate Business Principles and Management and Leadership Principles. 

The Foundation of Our Principles 

For a company like Nestlé to succeed, it must take a long-term view, framed in a robust set of principles and values developed over the last 150 years. These principles are based on respect: respect for people, respect for cultures, respect for the environment and respect for the future of the world we live in. Our commitments go beyond simple compliance. They are based on common sense values that form the foundation upon which we build our actions in Creating Shared Value.


Areas of Focus

Globally, Nestlé‘s areas of community focus are nutrition, water and rural development. We align with these through our focus areas in the United States: water as healthy hydration, water responsibility, building community vitality and packaging responsibility.


As part of the Nestlé S.A. family of companies, Nestlé Waters North America embraces the tenets of Creating Shared Value, which means that in order for us to succeed as a business; we need the communities and environment around us also to prosper. 

2018 Nestlé Creating Shared Value Report​