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How do you work with communities during the spring or bottling facility siting process?

Nestlé Waters North America recognizes it has a responsibility to openly communicate with local communities and must abide by all regulatory requirements, rules, laws and policies that affect how the company withdraws water and operate a bottling facility. Nestlé Waters knows strong community relationships are critical to developing and managing source sites, and strives to operate in ways that benefit the community and the company.

Over the past decade, Nestlé Waters experienced significant growth and undertook source siting projects in various North American communities. While some sites have been developed with little or no controversy, others have been more contentious. The company knew it was imperative to learn and understand the reasons behind certain concerns, identify ways to improve, and create a more consistent process to help meet community expectations. That is why NWNA developed a new Siting Framework founded on four guiding principles:  

  • Community First
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Rigorous Technical Standards
  • Commitment to Water Stewardship