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Bottled Water History

Many of brands have been proudly serving consumers for more than 100 years. These brands are steeped in a heritage of quality water, trust, refreshing taste and sustainability. All our brands have a story to tell. See how our brands got their start, and how they've grown throughout the years.

The POLAND SPRING story began when summer visitors to the Maine resort that featured its name wanted to return home with spring water. Although that spring is no longer in use, it continues to flow into the historic spring house, which is open to visitors as a reminder of our heritage.
DEER PARK is founded from springs in the mountains of western Maryland. Deer Park was a haven for Washington - types, including President Taft who honeymooned there and reportedly "took the waters.”
ARROWHEAD begins to bring mountain spring water labeled as PURITAS from the place with the natural “arrowhead” etched into the mountains, to the people of Los Angeles.
DEER PARK® brand spring water served to First Class passengers aboard the B&O Railroad.
OZARKA begins bottling spring water in the little town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and delivers it in glass - lined rail cars.
A property owner who wanted to share the fresh-tasting water of his hometown with the rest of Florida started the Zephyrhills Water Company.
The ICE MOUNTAIN brand is established to share the quality and taste of its water sources with the Midwest.
PURE LIFE is launched as the first multi-site purified water brand.
In April 2021, we begin a new chapter as BlueTriton Brands, building on the rich heritage of our historic, iconic and beloved brands. BlueTriton consists of the former United States and Canadian operations of Nestlé Waters and offers an extensive portfolio of highly recognizable, responsibly sourced, and sustainably packaged regional spring water and national purified water brands including Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, Deer Park® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, Ozarka® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, Ice Mountain® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, Zephyrhills® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, and Arrowhead® Brand 100% Mountain Spring Water; Pure Life® and Splash. Continuing a longstanding commitment to environmental leadership, the Company has 27 production facilities across North America, 16 of which are Alliance for Water Stewardship (“AWS”) certified across 15 sites, with five of the certified facilities being AWS Platinum, the highest-level certification. The Company also operates the direct-to-consumer and office beverage delivery service ReadyRefresh®, a certified Carbon Neutral® business.